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Crocks and socks August 7, 2010

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OK. Since we are on the topic of fashion. What is up with people who wear socks with sandals. If it is warm enough outside to wear sandals then let those babies out. If it is cool out, wear real shoes. If you are doing physical activity, they make tennis shoes. Regardless, that is a fashion statement… I’m a fucking dork.

And crocs with socks. That’s a crime.


Why can’t chicks carry wallets?

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No matter how big or small your purse is you can’t find shit. Can someone find a solution to this? I have seen purses that have pockets for when you’re travelling, but they are fugly. I can’t carry a wallet, or the dudes will run for the hills. If I carry my card in my pocket I’m always leaving it in the laundry. What the hell do I do when I’m wearing a dress? Periods and purses–damn this curse.

Just heard a suggestion. Wrist fanny. Not sure what that is.


WikiLeaks Army Pte.–Martyr or Traitor August 2, 2010

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock, I’m sure you have heard about Army Private Manning and the charges against him regarding leaking tens of thousands of classified documents to the WikiLeaks website… which subsequently ended up all over the media. My question is, do you think this is an act of heroism or cowardism? I’ve heard the government talk out of both sides of it’s ass on this one.

They are investigating Manning and holding him in the brig for putting soldiers in “grave” danger. About a week ago, Obama said there was “nothing new in leaked docs” while National Security Advisor James Jones said “The United States strongly condemns the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organizations which could put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk, and threaten our national security.” Maybe your secretary should call my secretary before we talk to the media.

The documents expose the incompetency we all have known exists in the two wars. A few bullet points:

–“The Times said the reports suggest that members of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate had met with members of the Taliban to organize militias to fight against U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and plot assassinations of Afghan leaders.”
–“They portray Afghan security forces as the hapless victims of Taliban attacks. They also offer a conflicting impression of the deployment of drones, noting that America’s miracle weapons are also entirely vulnerable.”
–Times cited attribution of the downing of a helicopter to conventional weapons instead of heat-seeking missiles and giving Afghans credit for missions carried out by special operations commandos

A couple of MIT students are also being investigated for helping Manning with the hack. Well if a couple of nerds can hack into the government database of classified docs, maybe it is worth finding out now.

These documents have been labelled as “secret” but not “top secret.” Hey, you know who else has access to “sensitive” info? Your neighbor. And your boss. Jesse Ventura talked about it.

Do the checks and balances need to reign the government in thanks to people like Pte. Manning? Or are their somethings we just shouldn’t know? The jury is still out for me on this one. But I did read that there has been one confirmed kidnapping and execution of an Afghan informant who was named in the docs. More to come.


I thought this was an SNL infomercial. It’s not. It’s real.

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One thing that I don’t have any desire to purchase.

It’s racist.  White chicks not only need a big booty.  This chick in the ad needs a piece of fried chicken.


The Fastest Way to Get Rid of A Chick August 1, 2010

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Tell them one of your favorite 5 channels on cable is Fox News.


1 habit you can quit today and save THOUSANDS this year July 30, 2010

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Scott is a wise man and a good friend. So ladies his advice to you if you want to save a ton of money: STOP shopping for clothes, shoes, makeup. Women only buy that stuff for each other. Wear designer labels from head to toe and guys think “she’s high maintenance” and they run.


Birth Control: Plan C July 29, 2010

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I use plan c!

Have you heard about the couple in France that killed 8 of their newborn babies? The woman admitted to killing her children after a guy that bought the house was digging in the garden dug up 2 of the bodies. Ok, pause.

If you have 8 bodies buried in the garden, don’t you think you should either 1)move them or 2)not sell your house?

Anyways, back to the discussion. The woman said she committed the murders because her and her husband did not want to use birth control. Hold up. So you would rather be pregnant for 9 months per kid (x8, so 72 months) instead of taking a pill, getting a shot every 3 months or having an IUD put in once every five years. Or hey, get your tubes tied. Done. That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard.

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